October 04, 2023

3 min read

Inside the Courtroom: The Personal Saga of SBF and Caroline Ellison

Love, memos, and a highly anticipated trial.


The Trial Begins  

The courtroom buzzed with anticipation on October 3rd as the trial of Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of FTX, kicked off. As the proceedings continue, all eyes are set on Caroline Ellison, CEO of Alameda Research and Bankman-Fried's former lover, who is expected to testify today. Their romantic entanglements during their tenure at FTX and Alameda Research have now spilled into the public eye, thanks to some revealing memos.

Unearthed Memos  

Long before Sam Bankman-Fried found himself contemplating life behind bars, the memos, brought to light by crypto researcher Molly White, indicate his internal conflict regarding the continuation of his relationship with Ellison. Intriguingly, these memos were also featured in the latest biography on Sam Bankman-Fried penned by Michael Lewis, released on October 3rd.

The biography hasn’t been without its critics. Many on the internet accuse Lewis of being too lenient in portraying Bankman-Fried, who allegedly caused the disappearance of billions in savings. As for the memos, it’s evident that when it comes to relationships, SBF is just as analytical as he is in his professional dealings. It's not every day one encounters a pros and cons list evaluating the worth of a relationship.

A Question of Empathy

In these memos, Bankman-Fried delves into introspection. "There's a decent chance my empathy is fake, my emotions are fabricated, and even my facial expressions are not genuine. I don't feel joy. What’s the purpose of a relationship with someone if you can't make them genuinely happy?" he pondered.

It appears he might have been attempting to shield Ellison from himself, recognizing he might not be the one to bring her true happiness. However, as events unfolded, it became clear that perhaps they were well-suited for each other, with both showing a seeming lack of empathy. After all, Ellison was equally involved in the alleged fraud and deceit through FTX and Alameda Research.

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